You rocked it... great job!

Steve O'Neill Productions

I first worked with Tracy Russell 20 years ago on a Blake's 7 audio play called “The Mark of Kane”. Since then I have employed her in a variety of dramatic roles including a clinical receptionist, a CIA agent, a terrorist, a computer voice, a security operative, an Italian prostitute, a jargon obsessed managerialist, a crazed Scottish crank caller to a radio station and the Egyptian Goddess Nephthys. Tracy is professional, reliable, has a great range of voices and a wonderful sense of humour. Tracy is certainly an actor I would highly recommend.

Alan Stevens - Managing Director of Magic Bullet Productions.

Professional, reliable, easy to work with and direct... Tracy’s role as Martha was pitched to perfection’.

Stephen Frost - Director 'Leave Now' for Burnt Orchid Films

'Tracy Russell provides a really vital strong performance in this crucial role, successfully combining the character's self-assurance and confused vulnerability.'

Marilyn Burge on 'Storm Mine' for Magic Bullet Productions