I began my adventures in audio over twenty years ago playing feisty types doing battle with aliens in BBC spin-off sf dramas and went on to perform in radio plays and comedy sketch shows with Mark Steele and Peter Serafinowicz. During this time I developed a passionate interest in how people tick and became a hypnotherapist for several years while continuing to make voice recordings. Then one day, hearing the call of ancient castles and palaces, I knew I wanted to tell their stories. I began working in beautiful heritage sites, bringing to life a variety of characters from Medieval queens to filthy old hags, suffragettes to Florence Nightingale and everything in between.

Now I live in an old cottage by the sea on the Kent coast where I have developed new interests, such as being part of a team to deliver the Ramsgate International Film Festival. I am often found in local venues performing as a belly dancer in a troupe. But I'm never happier than when working in a recording studio, at home or elsewhere, creating different worlds and bringing characters to life.